Marsh sedimentation rates at the Osborn Preserve

Marsh sedimentation rates at the Osborn Preserve

Project Date
2012 to 2013






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Beach et al 2012; Beach et al 2013; Hebern et al 2013 - A marsh at SSU's Fairfield Osborn Preserve has been gradually filling with sediment. Students quantified rates of sedimentation and successional infilling by dating mud cores. Geography 317 was a lab methods course in the fall of 2012.  During this semester students analyzed different soil types. This course also served as a service learning project to assist the Preserve of Fairfield Osborn. This research also contributed to Sonoma State University’s WATERS collaborative.  Students collected and compared samples from mixed woodland and grassland environments. This lab course offered students practical data collection and field method experience. The product of this research created a baseline for future studies to pursue, as well as the opportunity to do original research.


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"Soil and Sediment Analysis at Fairfield Osborn Preserve" report and data Gavin Beach, Lareina Earls, Stephen Garibaldi, Adrienne Gause, Joshua Goudy, Robert Gleaton, Sarah Hebern, Alexander Pugliese, Camilla Rockefeller, Kirstie Watkins, Brain Woodward, Caitlyn Yates , Collin Yballa,Tom Ziegler
"Getting down and dirty - Lab Methods in Physical Geography" poster Sarah Hebern, Kirstie Watkins, Lareina Earls, Collin Yballa, Gavin Beach
"Characterization of sedimentation rates at Fairfield Osborn Preserve" poster Beach et al 2013 (pending)