Local Nature: Neighborhood Spiders

Spiders! Are they scary? Cool? Depends upon how well you know them. Learn about their silky skills, hunting habits, and generally shy and gentle nature. Learn about jumpers, wolf spiders, tarantulas, the “bird turd spider,” and, of course, the black widow! Learn about types of webs, how and where to discover spiders, spider anatomy, common relatives... even a spidey quiz to test your creepy crawly knowledge. So, come with us around your house and/or backyard to see what we can see. Watch recorded event here: Local Nature: Neighborhood Spiders, March 13, 2021


Patrick Stadille, author and science teacher at Carmel Middle School.

Patrick is the author of Spiders in Your Neighborhood: A Field Guide to Your Local Spider Friends. He is a middle school science and drama teacher and naturalist with a BA in Zoology from UC Berkeley He studies and volunteers at San Francisco State University’s Sierra Nevada Field Campus.

This event is part of the North Bay Science Discovery Day. Learn more here: https://www.northbayscience.org/


No previous experience or knowledge is required. This event is recommended for ages 9 and up.

During the event, we will take a few minutes to go out into our own "local nature" areas such as your back or front yard, or on your porch, or even around your home to search for spiders.

Zoom meeting details will be sent to you upon registration. If you have not used Zoom before, please allow time to download and install the application before the event. Please log-in a few minutes early, as it may take more than one attempt if servers are busy.

This event will be recorded.

How to Sign Up

Register through the North Bay Science Discovery Day website by clicking the link below. Once on their webpage, click the orange "Register" button. Once you're on the second page, select "Sonoma State University Center for Environmental Inquiry: Do you think your local spiders are scary or cool?" listed under the 2:00pm options. Registration is free.

About the Center

Sonoma State University’s Center for Environmental Inquiry empowers university students to work with community members on the environmental challenges of the North Bay. Our mission is to create an engaged and environmentally ready society, one where all people have the skills to find solutions to the challenges facing our earth. SSU Preserves are open to everyone engaged in education or research. Reservations are required.

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Saturday, March, 13, 2021, 2:00pm to 3:00pm