Anne Reeves

Marketing & Brand Strategist

Anne Reeves
Anne Reeves




Schulz 3050

Anne Reeves leads strategic branding, positioning and marketing - in reality that includes a whole host of branding communications: visual, verbal and experiential.

Since joining the Center for Environmental Inquiry in 2017, she repositioned and revitalized the Center with a distinctive visual identity that brings the organization’s vision to life across all touchpoints from annual reports to social media to events.

Originally from Surrey, England, Anne has 25 years’ branding experience that includes London and Los Angeles, first with Saul Bass on corporate identity design then running her own branding design firm with clients such as Disney, UCLA and the Museum of Contemporary Art, LA. Now happy to be a permanent resident of beautiful Sonoma County.

Her passions include hiking, abstract art and unsurprisingly, “branding in all things!”