Benjamin Bravo

Preserve Resources Manager

Ben Bravo
Benjamin Bravo

Benjamin Bravo is the Preserve Resources Manager and he strives to use the best scientific practices to inform management decisions at all three CEI preserves. He works primarily on the creation and implementation of the SSU-CEI invasive species management plan. He works on managing and analyzing the SSU-CEI GIS,  audio recorder, and camera trap data. He develops a management plan and leads restoration efforts for the section of Copeland Creek on the SSU main campus. He assists with file management and video production for The Virtual Field project. 

Benjamin received his Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in Earth Systems from Stanford University. He conducted his undergraduate honors thesis on the habitat distribution and nocturnal behavior of the Dusky-Footed Woodrat. He conducted his master's project on the use of camera traps in research, management, and public engagement at Arastadero Preserve. He has previous experience as a researcher, GIS teaching assistant, assistant ranger, statistics tutor, naturalist, and restoration technician. He is a camera trap consultant and is interested in connecting people to wildlife.











Benjamin's position is part of the Climate Corps AmeriCorps program managed by the Bay Area Community Resources inc (BACR) and Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI).