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Osborn Virtual Tour Videos
1. Introduction

Introduction to SSU’s Center for Environmental Inquiry and the Osborn Preserve: CEI, environmental readiness, SSU Preserves, Osborn Preserve


Safety: appropriate clothing, ticks, poison oak ID

2. California Fescue

Perennial Native Grasslands and Regional Biodiversity: regional biodiversity, North Coast, California perennial native grasslands, grassland biodiversity, long-lived and deep-rooted perennial bunchgrasses


California Fescue Closeup

3. Moletrack

Giant Mole Track: Osborn geology and geomorphology, volcanic rocks, basaltic, rhyolitic tuff, faults, uplift, formation of mole track

4. Douglas Fir

California Oak Woodlands: California oak woodlands, woodland productivity, acorns, oaks, nutritional value, Douglas fir, pine family, ethnobotanical uses of Douglas fir


Douglas Fir Closeup

5. Spring Box

European History and Rare Invertebrates: spring box, European history, 1870s, Syncaris pacifica, California freshwater shrimp, very rare, endangered, endemic, species discovery on the Osborn Preserve

6. Perennial Stream & Coverboard

Perennial Stream: perennial stream, spring, earthquake, change in stream flow


Coverboards: research, education, reptiles and amphibians, thigmotactic animals, animal evidence

7. Tower Look Out

Viewpoint and Weather Tower: view, types of environmental inquiry on SSU Preserves, research, education, creative inquiry, weather tower, microclimates

8. Turtle Pond

Turtle Pond Overview: Turtle Pond, western pond turtle, perennial pond, aquatic vegetation


Turtle Pond Closeup


Exploring Turtle Pond: aquatic vegetation, water fern, Azolla, duckweed, carbon sequestration, climate change


Azolla Closeup

9. Madrone

Madrone Tree: madrone, manzanita, heath family, refrigerator tree

10. Stone Circle

Stone Circle: seasonal cascade, being in nature, listening


11. FOP Plaque

Fairfield Osborn Plaque: Roth family, Fairfield Osborn, plundered planet, sustainability, more recent history of preserve, The Nature Conservancy



12. Copeland creek

Copeland Creek: perennial creek, amphibians, aquatic invertebrates, Larry Serpa, Lynn Lozier, The Nature Conservancy, aquatic biodiversity, California giant salamander, apex predator, lack of fish


Atmospheric Rivers: atmospheric river, wet season, stream flow, erosion


Copeland Creek Closeup (1): no narration, sight and sound of flowing creek, meditative


Copeland Creek Closeup (2): no narration, sight and sound of flowing creek, meditative

13. Marsh

Marsh: marsh formation, marsh vegetation, infilling, class project, class research, geomorphology, research, inquiry


European History in Marsh: legend, boat, land change, infilling, weeping willow, European history, ecofact 

14. Miner's Lettuce


Edible Plant: miners’ lettuce, Claytonia, edible, ethnobotany, taste

Miners’ Lettuce Photo

15. Grassland Coverboard

Looking Under a Coverboard: looking under a coverboard with no initial narration, exploring, finding, slender salamander, how to handle animals, “nature clean”

Slender Salamander Photo

16. Douglas fir (part 2)

Habitat Change in Oak Woodlands: California oak woodlands, Douglas fir, fire, habitat change, vegetation change, land management

17 Bay tree

California Bay Laurel: California oak woodlands, bay tree, bay leaves, ethnobotany, cooking, bay nuts, avocado, relict species, Pleistocene, sole survivor

18. Outro

End-of-Tour Reflection: being in nature, end-of-tour reflection