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Student holding cross section of a tree trunk

Dendrochronology, landslides and climate change in the Copeland Creek headwaters

Faculty: Michelle Goman
Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry, Sonoma County Water Agency

Tree ring analyses at the Fairfield Osborn Preserve provide information about forest stand age and the frequency of landslides and fire.

    Osborn Bridge

    Osborn Cultural Resources Plan

    2013 to 2014
    Faculty: Adrian Praetzellis
    Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

    Master's Thesis by Kyle Rabellino identifying cultural sites and conservation guidelines for the Osborn Preserve.

    Students taking a core sample in a marsh

    Marsh sedimentation rates at the Osborn Preserve

    2012 to 2013
    Faculty: Michelle Goman
    Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry, Sonoma County Water Agency

    A marsh at SSU's Fairfield Osborn Preserve has been gradually filling with sediment. Students quantified rates of sedimentation and successional infilling by dating mud cores.

      Students and wheelbarrow filled with removed weeds

      Coastal prairie training materials

      2009 to 2013
      Partners: Bodega Pastures, CDFW's Vegetation Classification and Mapping Program, California Native Plant Society, California State Parks, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, Ocean Song, Sonoma Counjty Ag & Open Space, Sonoma Land Trust, Center for Environmental Inquiry, UC Davis Plant Sciences, UC Davis CSTARS Lab, UC Davis Bodega Marine Reserve

      As part of the Coastal Prairie Enhancement Study, Preserve staff prepared a suite of educational materials and trains SSU students and community members how to identify, appreciate and manage these disappearing unique habitats.

      Poster of the soundscape project

      The Soundscape Project

      Faculty: Kristen Daley, Jack Ou
      Partners: Bernie Krause (Wild Sanctuary), Jessie Olsen Bay (Composer), Center for Environmental Inquiry

      Geography and computer science students recorded and curated sounds from the SSU preserves. Composer Jesse Olsen Bay created an original composition from their recordings which provided a backdrop for a 30-min dance performed by students in Person Theater and in the Green Music Center. Noted soundscape guru Bernie Krause served as a consultant on the project. 

      Coastal Prairie Website Homepage

      California's Coastal Prairies website

      2010 to 2013
      Partners: Ocean Song Farm and Wilderness Center, Center for Environmental Inquiry, Diana Jeffery

      The Center worked with Diana Jeffrey and Kathleen Kraft to create the California's Coastal Prairie website, the first of its kind to bring together a diversity of information about the evolution, ecology, and management of this rare habitat.

      Osborn Shed

      Changes in land use at the Osborn Preserve

      Faculty: Steve Estes
      Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry, History Department, Donors and Faculty Affiliated with Osborn Preserve

      Graduate students in History 500 conducted interviews with members of the Roth family, neighbors and previous land managers to better understand the history of land use changes in the area. 

      Several images of disinterested people

      Center marketing project

      Faculty: Kyuho Lee
      Partners: Business Administration, Center for Environmental Inquiry

      The Center creates educational and research experiences for disciplines across campus, yet the SSU community has limited awareness of Preserve opportunities. MBA students in Kyuho Lee's Strategic Branding class developed a strategy to raise awareness about the Center with the SSU campus and surrounding communities. 

      Bob Johnson

      Bob Johnson oral history project

      Faculty: Steve Estes
      Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

      Dr. Bob Johnson, a generous donor to the Center, was awarded an honorary doctorate degree for his life's accomplishments from California State University in 2011. A series of three interviews resulted in transcripts and video about his life, work, family, and passion for preserving the vision of his father-in-law Fred Galbreath at the Galbreath Preserve.

      Climate Pod Diagram

      A mobile climate sensor

      2011 to 2012
      Faculty: Farid Farahmand
      Partners: Engineering Science, Center for Environmental Inquiry

      Deployment and maintenance of climate station networks can be a technological challenge. We developed a low-cost ZigBee-based sensor that can be used to collect data from sensors carried by mobile users.