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NASA Landsat map of the Russian River plum

Remote sensing for water quality

2018 to 2019
Faculty: Mark Perri
Partners: NASA,

We are exploring the use of remote sensing data to analyze the water quality of the North Bay Area with NASA Landsat imagery that allows us to quantify the amount of chlorophyll in any body of water. 

Panorama of Fairfield Osborn Preserve

Virtual reality software for water education

Faculty: Sara Kassis
Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

We created virtual reality software that enhances user understanding of how atmospheric variables change during a rain event. 

Students collecting soil samples

Effects of fire on soils

Faculty: Robin Glas, Wendy St. John
Partners: Pepperwood Preserve, Crane Creek Regional Park

Multiple studies on the effects of fire damage on soils after the Tubbs and Nuns fires in 2017 in Sonoma County.

Student collecting water sample from stream

Tracing groundwater/surface water interactions

Faculty: Robin Glas, Wendy St. John
Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

We observed the change in ion composition along Copeland Creek on the Fairfield Osborn Preserve. Where the ion concentration increased, we conclude that groundwater is being discharged into the creek.

Student with sieve and bucket

Microplastics in the Russian River

Faculty: Robin Glas, Wendy St. John

We conducted research into the spatial distribution of microplastics along the Russian River to identify the spatial distribution of microplastics.

Glass bottles containing water samples

Taste as an indicator of water quality

Faculty: Nathan Rank, Martha Shott, Melina Kozanitas
Partners: Sonoma State University

To determine whether students are able to test differences in water that relate to contaminants in the tap water on the SSU campus, we sampled tap water in all of first-year housing communities and two academic buildings (Stevenson and the Student Center). Samples were analyzed for chemicals such as lead and chlorine.

Wildlife camera photo of deer next to a creek

Wildlife abundance on Copeland Creek

Faculty: Wendy St. John
Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

We compared species abundance along two areas of Copeland Creek (Fairfield Osborn Preserve and SSU campus) using wildlife camera photography. We found more diversity on the SSU campus than at the Preserve. 

Arc of electricity between two power lines

A powerline arc detector for wildfire prevention

Faculty: Mohamed Salem

This project provides early detection of arcing power lines which have led to many of the recent California wildfires.

Geologic map of Sonoma County

Characterization of landslide susceptibility

Faculty: Matty Mookerjee, Owen Anfinson
Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

We study a landslide at the Osborn Preserve using hammer seismic and refraction tomography. By reconstructing the landslide's plane area, we better understand future risk of destabilization.

California black oak tree

Preserving biodiversity with traditional knowledge

Faculty: Lisa Patrick Bentley
Partners: Pepperwood Preserve

A new partnership is using traditional ecological knowledge to enhance the preservation of California biodiversity. We began the process by identifying and locating specimen Black Oaks at Pepperwood Preserve.