Insects of the Night

Although many insects are diurnal, filling our landscapes with color and activity during the day, most emerge at night. Join us to discover the super antennae and nocturnal symphonies that make these ancient, after-dark arthropods so successful. Soil engineers, efficient predators, seed dispersers; nocturnal insects are vital to California’s biodiversity and perform essential ecosystem services. We’ll listen to the songs of the snowy tree cricket and angle-winged katydid, and learn how to attract fiery searchers, lacewings and tiger moths to your yard for photo-study and citizen science. Watch recorded event here: Insects of the Night, November 28, 2022


Kevin Munroe, Director, Long Island Preserves, The Nature Conservancy

Before moving to New York in 2019, Kevin worked as a land management specialist with the Center and led several popular public events on orthopterans like grasshoppers and crickets, animals out after dark, and a spring bird-a-thon. Kevin is a self-described nature geek, with a special interest in birds, dragonflies, backyard habitat and managing land for biodiversity.


No previous experience or knowledge is required for this "Learn with a Naturalist" style event. This event is recommended for ages 14 and up.

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Monday, November, 28, 2022, 12:00pm to 1:00pm