About the Center

Introductory Video: Growing an Environmentally Ready Society (3 min)

What We Do

We mobilize students, faculty and community to solve North Bay environmental challenges.

  • Students and faculty work with organizations on real-world projects 
  • Businesses and agencies get help solving emerging complex environmental issues.
  • Community members learn new skills and how to apply them locally  


How We Work

Projects, lands and people turning education into action. We target environmental issues, partner with organizations, and graduate students with experience working on complex environmental challenges.

  • Projects: Bringing academics together with agencies, organizations and businesses to identify practical & innovative solutions
  • Preserves: Managing 4,160 acres of wildlands (Galbreath, Osborn and Los Guillicos preserves) to teach connections to the earth and demonstrate best practices
  • Trainings & Workshops: Building skills and experience working on local challenges

Funding from donors and partners support our programs, projects and lands. 



Founded in 2007, the Center brings together the exceptional outdoor learning experiences at SSU Preserves and the real-world project experiences for SSU students. 

2021 Projects

  • 1,224 Students
  • 305 Faculty
  • 399 Organizations
  • 3,359 Community Members
  • 72 Departments