Immersive Technology for Virtual Field Trips

Immersive reality is bringing outdoor education to a whole new level. Yet so many of us have never even put on a headset and stepped into a 360 experience. In this hands-on workshop, you will explore 360 photos and 360 videos created by faculty and field station staff to explore natural areas. You will learn how to use a virtual reality viewer, generate 360 photos using your smartphone, create educational content, and discuss best practices and methods. Bring a pair of VR goggles and be immersed! 


This workshop is supported by “The Virtual Field” an international collaboration of field stations and marine laboratories to give students virtual field experiences in ecosystems all over the world. Learn more at For more information: Dr. Claudia Luke, Sonoma State University,

Required Materials

Attendees must bring the following to the workshop to get the most out of experience:

1) Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset (You are welcome to purchase other options. Just make sure that your viewer is compatible with Google Cardboard app which we will be using during the workshop): 
     - $10 Cheapest Option 
     - $25 Cheap Option - more durable and easier to clean 

2) Smartphone: Apple or Android

3) Download the following free apps onto your smartphone:  

  1. Google Cardboard App: on Apple phones, the app is called “Google Cardboard”, on Android phones, the app is called “Cardboard” 
  2. Download the “Google Street View” App 
  3. Download a QR Code viewer

Workshop Agenda

11am - 12:00pm: Introduction to Technology with Hands On Experiences

  • Introduction to XR, research on use of XR for education, 

  • View 360 photos using a virtual reality headset

  • View 360 videos using a virtual reality headset

  • Existing apps for field courses and how to find them

12:00pm - 1:00pm: How to Create 360 Experiences

  • Generate 360 photos on a cell phone and view with Google Cardboard 

  • Edit and add captions using ThinkLink or other software. 

  • Discussion about use in educational programs

How to Sign Up

Register at the link below. Each participant should register separately. Registration is free. Registration closes April 21st.

Zoom meeting details will be sent to you upon registration. If you have not used Zoom before, please allow time to install the application and create and account before the event. Please log-in a few minutes early, as it may take more than one attempt if servers are busy.

This event will be recorded and made available at this webpage a few days after the event. 

About the Center

Sonoma State University’s Center for Environmental Inquiry empowers university students to work with community members on the environmental challenges of the North Bay. Our mission is to create an engaged and environmentally ready society, one where all people have the skills to find solutions to the challenges facing our earth.

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Sara Kassis
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Friday, April, 23, 2021, 11:00am to 1:00pm