Nature!Tech Projects and Data

Search Projects

For project descriptions, enter the word "technology" in the category menu of the Search Projects page. 

Find Data

For project data, enter the word "dataset" (no space) in the search field of the Search Projects page. Other data are available on the Center's Data page. We are in the process of adding technology projects to the database. Not all projects have been entered. 

Find Project Funding

Funding is advertised at the beginning of each semester (August and January) through the Center for Environmental Inquiry and is available to faculty to support Projects and Curriculum Development.  

Get Project Help

We help connect faculty and community partners, scale projects to fit with course curriculum, schedule classroom presentations, and provide logistics support and funding. For help scoping a project, contact Center Director, Dr. Claudia Luke, Here are some resources for faculty and project partners interested in working on projects together. 

Informational Resources for Developing Projects
How to Develop a Project with SSU Guide for community partners interested in engaging students and faculty in projects.  FileAcademic Engagement
Project Permitting Guidelines Guide to the types of agency permits needed for environmental projects PDF iconPermits
Student Assessment Post-project on-line assessment to assess learning outcomes of participating students. Resulting data available from the Center for Environmental Inquiry. Student Project Assessment Survey