Outer Space: The Environmental Frontier

Humans have already breached the upper atmosphere with technological breakthroughs in rocketry, and have had a continuous presence in low-earth orbit on the International Space Station since October 31st, 2000. It is time to acknowledge that outer space is part of our natural environment, and to think about our uses and habitation in it in discussions on climate change and the Anthropocene. For those concerned about climate change, it is time to reckon with outer space as another human environment. Watch recorded event: Outer Space - The Environmental Frontier, October 19, 2022


Emily Ray, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Sonoma State University. Her research focuses on environmental political theory, critical theory, and environmental politics, with particular interest in prepping movements for climate change, the new space race, and techno-optimistic responses to global climate change.


No previous experience or knowledge is required for this "Deep Dive" style event. This event is recommended for ages 16 and up.

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