Local Nature: AT Photography for Youth

The profound connection to the environment and wildlife enjoyed by many nature photographers is not accessible to us all equally. Whether you or your child or student uses a wheelchair, has limited use of their hands, or is weak and has tremors, this informative and interactive event is for you. We will explore artistic techniques using Assistive Technology (AT) for smart phones and digital cameras in order to promote accessible photography for everyone. You are encouraged to reach out to event leaders in advance for specific information about your disability or mobility needs, and how to acquire AT. Before the event, we'll ask you to take a photograph to upload. After a presentation and demonstration of homemade and purchased AT photography devices, each person will have a chance to share their photo with the group and get feedback from Rick, then hear about accessible nature photography sites. Watch recorded event here: Local Nature: AT Photography for Youth, March 13, 2021


Rick and Jeree' Waller, Founders, HeartWork Accessible Nature Photography

Rick and Jeree' have 30 years of professional photography and teaching experience. Jeree’ is also one of the founders of FREED Center for Independent Living, and One Source Empowering Caregivers in Grass Valley, CA. Their background includes working with people of all ages and disabilities who want to get out into nature to enjoy wildlife photography. The Wallers currently travel throughout much of the United States and Canada offering Accessible Photography Outings for Veterans, cancer survivors, the hearing-impaired, small family groups, and others. https://heartworkphotography.org/

This event is part of the North Bay Science Discovery Day. Learn more here: https://www.northbayscience.org


No previous experience or knowledge is required. This event is recommended for ages 13-18, and is for anyone with a disability or interest in nature photography access for all.

Before the event, instructions will be sent to you about taking a nature photograph to share with the group, including how to send it to the leaders.

Please feel free to contact the leaders by email about AT suggestions and/or explore camera devices on the internet via Centers for Independent Living.

Lastly, be prepared to share any information you have about good accessible trails and sites for nature photography.  

Zoom meeting details will be sent to you upon registration. If you have not used Zoom before, please allow time to download and install the application before the event. Please log-in a few minutes early, as it may take more than one attempt if servers are busy.

This event will be recorded.

How to Sign Up

Register through the North Bay Science Discovery Day website by clicking the link below. Once on their webpage, click the orange "Register" button. Once you're on the second page, select "Sonoma State University Center for Environmental Inquiry: How do youth with disabilities take great nature photographs that lead to conservation action?​" listed under the 4:00pm options.

Registration is free.

About the Center

Sonoma State University’s Center for Environmental Inquiry empowers university students to work with community members on the environmental challenges of the North Bay. Our mission is to create an engaged and environmentally ready society, one where all people have the skills to find solutions to the challenges facing our earth. SSU Preserves are open to everyone engaged in education or research. Reservations are required.

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Saturday, March, 13, 2021, 4:00pm to 5:00pm