Deep Dive: Dangerous Intersection

Vehicles and wildlife do not mix well. Thousands of animals are killed on roads, highways, and railways each year and ecosystems are broken into small pieces by this infrastructure. Human lives are also endangered when smaller vehicles collide with large wildlife. In addition to driving attentively, there are things we can do as a society and as individuals. Many states and countries have created crossings over and under major thoroughfares and saved countless wildlife and people from injury. Learn more about these crossings and the data that drives location and design to effectively fit the natural movement patterns of different species. 


Fraser Shilling, Director, Road Ecology Center, University of California, Davis

Fraser has been with the UC Davis’ Road Ecology Center since 2005 and has helped create a broad, interdisciplinary program dedicated to the understanding of how transportation systems impact nature and ways to redesign these systems to make them more environmentally and socially friendly. Fraser also leads the largest transportation-ecology conference in the world, International Conference on Ecology and Transportation.


No previous experience or knowledge is required. This event is recommended for ages 12 and up.

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