Petaluma wetland bird diversity

Petaluma wetland bird diversity

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Wetlands are known to be highly diverse areas, particularly in the number of birds species they support. We conducted a study of birds in Petaluma wetlands, to assess the difference in species richness and relative abundance in March and April 2019, and compared these data with data collected by the Petaluma Wetlands Alliance (PWA) since 2010. Considering that Petaluma wetlands lie within the Pacific Flyway migration corridor, we investigated whether there is a difference in species richness and relative abundance between March and April, as the end of winter migration winds down. We joined PWA for their March and April surveys and recorded all birds seen or heard from the park areas. We counted and calculated species diversity for every survey date, and measured temperature and precipitation. We hypothesize that since this winter was wetter than the last, the wetland is more highly diverse this year compared to last year.


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"Bird Diversity in Petaluma Wetlands" poster Jessica Guevara-Bolanos, Aileen Winkler, Audrey Glazier


Keywords: visual survey, field study, Field Biology, Shollenberger Park, Ellis Creek, Habitat Management, Biodiversity, Water, Climate, Wendy St. John