Virtual Field Trips

The Virtual Field

Take yourself or your students on field trips to ecosystems around the world.

The Virtual Field takes you to field stations and marine laboratories all over the globe to learn new skills as you explore nature.

The Center is leading and collaborating on The Virtual Field, an international coalition of 50 field stations and marine laboratories that creates virtual field experiences. Learning experiences for virtual visitors of all ages and backgrounds include:  

  • Ecosystem Exploration Video Series: Learn observation, communication, questioning and critical thinking skills with self-guided, scaffolded exercises.
    • Curriculum for K-8, High-School and University.
  • Live from the Field: Learn about the process of research and interact with field researchers working at field sites around the world.
    • Curriculum for High-School and University.
  • 360 Degree Video Series: Explore how ecosystems change seasonally in this collection of 360 videos from field sites across latitudes.
    • Curriculum for K-8, High-School and University.

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Why take a Virtual Field Trip?

Field experiences in undergraduate research boost motivation, critical thinking and academic success for students of all backgrounds and disciplines. Yet due to logistical and financial barriers, these experiences are limited to only a small proportion of students. Virtual field experiences are one way to remove these barriers. 

History of the Virtual Field

The Virtual Field emerged from a grassroots effort by the Organization of Biological Field Stations during the Covid-19 pandemic,  and is led by Claudia Luke Center for Environmental Inquiry at Sonoma State University, along with Hilary Swain at Archbold Biological Station, and Kari O’Connell of the STEM Research Center at Oregon State University. It was made possible thanks to a foundational National Science Foundation grant.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you are interested in working on The Virtual Field - as a volunteer, faculty, student, or donor. 

Dr. Claudia Luke
Director Center for Environmental Inquiry
Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
707-536-8915 (mobile)