Geology & Soils

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Fairfield Osborn Preserve: Geology & Soils

Osborn Geology & Soils Data
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Geology of Sonoma Mountain A field trip guidebook to Sonoma Mountain geology by the Northern California Geological Society. The fourth stop is at the Fairfield Osborn Preserve.
Geology and Techtonics of Sonoma County A field trip guidebook to Sonoma County geology by James Allen, Peter Holland and James Wilen Jr. Includes stops on Sonoma Mountain but not on preserve. 


Galbreath Wildlands Preserve: Geology & Soils

Galbreath Geology & Soils Data
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Preliminary Bio-geomorphic Assessment  Summary of existing biological and geomorphic data at the Galbreath Preserve with management recommendations
Baseline Fluvial Geomorphology Reconnaissance Assessment Appendix A. An assessment of the geomorphic processes of the Galbreath Preserve developed by Dr. Joan Florsheim (UC Davis) with recommendations for management activities and further study. 
Road Drainage Improvement Plan Appendix B. Detailed analysis conducted by Pacific Watershed Associates of road improvements needed to reduce sediment from washing into salmon-bearing creeks on the preserve.
Report of Findings for Field Station Planning Page 13. Geologic assessment  conducted by Brelje and Race


Los Guillicos Preserve: Geology & Soils

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