Land Management

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Fairfield Osborn Preserve: Land Management

Osborn Land Management Data & Reports
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Cultural Resource Management Plan Master's Thesis by Kyle Rabellino identifying management guidelines for cultural resources. Cultural site locations redacted PDF iconOsborn Cultural Management Resource Plan
Yellow Star Thistle Student projects assessing impacts see Search Projects. Search on "thistle"


Galbreath Wildlands Preserve: Land Management

Galbreath Land Management Data & Reports
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Timber Harvest Plans CalFire Timber Harvest Plans for timber harvesting at the Galbreath Preserve. Timber harvesting was discontinued in 2000. For locations of THPs between 2988 and 2000, see GIS-based map of CalFire Timber Harvest Plans at Preserve and in watershed
Galbreath Special Status Species Assessment A GIS-based assessment of the potential for 110 species status species to occur on preserve lands. See Galbreath Special Status Species Assessment project description
Galbreath Cultural Resource Plan Master's Thesis by Stacey Zolnosky identifying mangement guidelines for cultural resources. Cultural site locations redacted. PDF iconGalbreath Cultural Resource Plan
Riparian Restoration Planting Plan Mendocino County Resource Conservation District Planting plan, images, and habitat descriptions for creek near preserve entrance
Road Improvements Galbreath roads are a demonstration site for best management practices in reducing erosion. Reports prescribe site-specific treatments
Pig Surveys Student projects assessing pig impacts see Search Projects. Enter "pigs" in search field

Los Guillicos Preserve: Land Management

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