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Fairfield Osborn Preserve: Weather

Osborn Weather Data
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March 2015 to present (Real-time) Hosted on the Western Weather website. Choose "Osborn Preserve-SSU" station. Precipitation, rainfall, barometric pressure, soil moisture, soil temperature, solar radiation, air temperature, wet bulb, wind direction, wind speed at 15 min, hourly or daily intervals Western Weather Osborn Preserve - SSU
1997-2005 Weather Station The weather station was installed and maintained by researchers. Daily maximum and minimum temperature and rainfall. Temperature In degrees C, precipitation in cm. Excel files  CEI Data Archive: Osborn Rainfall Temperature Data 1996-2007


Galbreath Wildlands Preserve: Weather

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Los Guillicos Preserve: Weather

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SSU Campus: Weather

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Regional Weather

Regional Weather Data
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Graton Rainfall Data (Sonoma County) The Graton rainfall data were collected at the Hallberg Ranch (Butterfly Garden) between 1926-present. The CEI Data Archive has rainfall totals broken out by annual and cumulative water year. The National Center for Environmental Information provides Graton rainfall data by year and month with daily max and min temperature, rainfall, and weather notes.
Citizen Science Weather Stations Citizen science network of environmental sensors that measure temperature, wind, humidity, and precipitation. Displayed with other regional datasets such as air quality, radar, satellite, severe weather, sea surface temperature, fires, webcams.  Weather Underground Wundermap - North Bay
Atmospheric River Tracker Morphed integrated microwave imagery of total precipitable water CIMSS (Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies - Total Precipitable Water CIMMS
SF Bay Area Real-Time Fog Satellite imagery of fog locations. Product goes off-line occasionally depending on satellite status. Fog Today
Central California Weather Visible loop of satellite imagery with options for real-time radar, fronts, temperature, wind and humidity GOES Satellite - San Francisco/ Monterey, CA WFO Visible Loop
Northern California Weather Interactive map with options for real-time radar, severe weather, fire, temperature, rainfall Northern California Live Composite Reflectivity Radar
Air Quality Air quality data with federal standards (Air Now) and from citizen science monitoring network (Purple Air)
Stream Discharge Real-time stream flow data from gauging station on Copeland Creek in Rohnert Park USGS Gauging StationCalifornia Water Science Center
Water Quality Water quality monitoring sites in Sonoma County National Water Quality Monitoring Council - Sonoma County Data