Suzanne DeCoursey

Education Manager

Suzzane DeCoursey
Suzanne DeCoursey


Schulz 3050

Since 2009, Suzanne has served as Education Manager for the Center. She designs and runs two highly-popular student internship training programs in environmental education and land management. In each program, students spend 5 weeks learning hands-on skills and then apply what they have learned working with community partners throughout Sonoma County. The trainings are popular with students across majors (e.g., business, the arts, political science, education, and environmental sciences) and many students are so enthusiastic they participate as volunteers during and after the training. 

During her career at SSU, Suzanne has inspired more than 600 students with immersive and transformative experiences in internship training programs, and has supported preserve experiences for 13,000 students and 15,000 K-12 and community members. 

“It was an extremely beneficial experience to be able to go out and apply our classroom teachings on real properties. There was a genuine feeling that we were contributing to the conservation of these areas.”

"My communication skills have only improved and I can now understand how to talk professionally to my professors as well as my peers.”

"One of the bigges"t skills that I have learned from this program is how to guide others and inform them of the environment they live close too. Some of the soft skills that I learned on the preserve I know will also help me in the future.

Suzanne additionally coordinates visits to the preserves and is a welcoming and enthusiastic contact for anyone wishing to undertake research or education at SSU sites. She gives orientation and interpretive tours of environmental issues and processes, and helps students from all disciplines to undertake on-site research or creative inquiry.