Glass Fire Data Available for Los Guillicos Preserve

A brief assessment of fire damage
December 15, 2020

In the early morning hours of September 28th, the Glass Fire burned the Sonoma State University's 40-acre Los Guillicos Preserve. Data recently provided by the Sonoma County Agriculture & Open Space District confirms that the Glass Fire did indeed burn through the entirety of the Los Guillicos Preserve and that the Los Guillicos Preserve suffered low and moderate soil burns.  Low and moderate soil burns can be indicative of a fire that removes some pre-fire ground litter and finer fuels. Larger roots, water infiltration, and soil structure may still be intact. Low and moderate level soil burns may also open up Los Guillicos to future invasions by invasive plant species. Further assessments are needed to better quantify the effect of the Glass Fire on Los Guillicos's vegetation and habitat structure. This data will help inform the work of SSU CEI staff members as we plan ahead for the next stage of management at the Los Guillicos Preserve in the Spring of 2021.