SSU Symposium on Research and Creativity 2018

May 3, 2018
Students being presented with an award

This year's Research and Creative Inquiry Symposium grew to a two-day event. Thirty-one of the student posters submitted were on water related topics.

  • Winner of the Best Water Poster award was presented by SCWA General Manager Grant Davis to Carlye Chandler (Adv. Michelle Goman in Geography, Environment and Planning) for her poster, “Anthropological and environmental factors impacting climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration: an evaluation of elevation, vegetation, fire and land use”.
  • Winner of the Big Picture Award (shown in photo) also went to a water project by Irving Ramirez, Ian Hejl, Jonathan Mummert (Adv. Michael Cohen in Biology) for their poster, "A microbial fuel cell-based system for on-site treatment of winery wastewater."

Many thanks to our judges Mike Thompson (SCWA), Keenan Foster (SCWA), Ryan Pedrotti (SCWA), Susay Haydon (SCWA), Mark Perri (SSU Chemistry), Wendy St. John (SSU GEP), Natalie Hobson (SSU Math & Stats), and Lead Judge Chris Halle (SSU Center for Environmental Inquiry)