Wilkerson Receives 2023 Santa Rosa Garden Club Horticultural Scholarship

December 4, 2023
Santa Rosa Garden Club Scholarship recipient & SSU student Roxanne Wilkerson

Congratulations to the 2023 Santa Rosa Garden Club Horticultural Scholarship recipient – Roxanne Wilkerson.

Wilkerson, who is pursuing a B.A. in Geography, Environmental Studies, & Planning at Sonoma State, seeks a career “where I can engage with the physical environment while contributing to its conservation and protection. More specifically, I am eager to strengthen my knowledge in horticulture and strive for a career in native plant restoration or ecology.”

Wilkerson looks for opportunities to bring her passion for the environment into her academic career. 

“My passion for these studies truly developed when I was a seasonal greenhouse worker at a garden market,” wrote Wilkerson in her application letter. “Not only did my experience caring for plants result in an explosive expansion of my personal home garden, but it also gave me valuable insight on sustainable gardening practices. From that point on, I have sought service opportunities in my community to practice horticulture and assist others.

She has worked as a garden volunteer with the Food for Thought Food Bank, as a volunteer at SSU’s Native Plant and Butterfly Garden, and as an intern with the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC).

At the BCDC, Wilkerson served as the Adapting to Rising Tides Intern which taught her how environmental justice can play a role in solutions.

“I had the chance to dig deeper into the science and environmental justice values of nature- based solutions,” Wilkerson wrote. “Engaging in the planning process of shoreline projects motivated me to seek field opportunities where I can make a positive, direct impact on the conservation of natural landscapes and resources.”

As with many college students, Wilkerson counts on opportunities such as the Santa Rosa Garden Club scholarship to support her goals and help her complete her education.

“As a student who pays for their own education, I have worked tirelessly to be where I am today and want to further my accomplishments” wrote Wilkerson. “I would love to participate in programs where I can broaden my horizons and gain hands-on experience in various environments. I am especially desperate to study tropical plant sciences and ecology but need assistance to pursue such costly opportunities. Being a recipient of this scholarship opens doors for me that are usually closed tight, allowing me to achieve my academic goals and greatest ambitions.”

The annual $2000 Santa Rosa Garden Club scholarship is administered through the Center for Environmental Inquiry and supports students in any discipline pursuing hands-on horticultural learning.