Strategic Public Relations and Communication Plan for Improving Public Understanding of Homelessness and Water Issues


Sonoma State University's student-run Public Relations firm, Primitivo PR, worked with the Rising Waters Steering Committee to develop a strategic Public Relations and Communication Plan. The overall goal of this Communications Plan was to develop messaging that would help demystify the misconceptions surrounding individuals experiencing homelessness while addressing the environmental concerns associated with this humanitarian crisis. To accomplish this goal, the Primitivo PR Team created a Media Product Library which included social media and website content. They also created a detailed Media Outreach Campaign with the express purpose of communicating the findings of the Rising Waters Program to both local and regional media outlets.


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Rising Waters Question 4: PR Strategy

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Rising Waters Question 4: PR Strategy - video slideshow

Rising Waters Primitivo PR - poster

Rising Waters Media Product Library

Catherine Eisenhauer, Grace Evans, Carson Juhl, Priscilla Navas, Isabella Simoni, Paige Wear


Key words:  water quality, housing, Earth Day, news outlets, education, entertainment, local issues