Osmosis Demonstration

Project Date
Spring 2023





Project Topics


Our Service Learning Project displays a cheap and easy to accomplish demonstration that will benefit the Chemistry Department of Sonoma State University. Our subject for the demonstration is Osmosis. Osmosis is a process by which molecules of a solvent move from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration through a semipermeable membrane. To demonstrate osmosis in our demo, we recorded ourselves completing the demo, due to the fact this demo can take up to a couple hours. We took videos of us placing raisins in both sugar water solution and plain filtered water. We highlighted the appearance of both raisins, making sure to note the raisin in the sugar water stayed shriveled, while the filtered water solution raisin plumped significantly. Our demo demonstrates the main ideas of how osmosis works through a hands-on experiment with low costs. It is extremely safe and accessible to all people trying to grasp the basics of the topic.


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Osmosis Demonstration poster students stand next to poster Bennet Vigill, Isabella Iannacone


Key Terms: beaker, salt, potassium, sodium, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, protein, carbohydrate, biomolecules