Survey of Quercus kelloggii at Pepperwood Preserve

Identifying Specimen Oaks to Reimplement Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Promote Ecosystem Resilience

Project Date
Spring 2020






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California black oak, Quercus kelloggii, plays an important role in the lifeways of many indigenous tribes throughout California. Native peoples tend black oaks using Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) to encourage the development and proliferation of specimen oaks. These mature, large, full crowned trees provide a disproportionate amount of ecosystem services, including acorns and habitat, when compared to smaller black oaks. This project is a collaboration between Sonoma State University and the Native Advisory Council of Pepperwood Preserve. This work will allow for the reimplementation of TEK to nurture specific specimen black oaks at Pepperwood Preserve at the discretion of the Native Advisory Council, provide the opportunity for outreach education related to the importance of cultural practices and linkages to the preservation of California biodiversity, as well as inform future interactions between native peoples and land management organizations.