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Moss-covered water tank

Water conservation design for a small business

Faculty: Daniel Soto
Partners: Yorkville Market

An assessment of water use at the Yorkville Market to identify feasible water conservation solutions. 

Two hands holding a bird's nest

Bioremediation of soluable toxic waste

Faculty: Carmen Works

We study how a novel bacteria, Pseudomonas veronii, reduces the toxicity of a widespread soluable industrial waste product.  

IDEXX- 2000 tray exposed to UV light showing positive results for E. coli.

Monitoring bacteria in Copeland Creek

2011 to present
Faculty: Michael Cohen

Since 2011, Sonoma State students have collected water samples from Copeland Creek to determine the extent of fecal contamination. 

Close-up of aquatic insect

Aquatic macroinvertebrates in Copeland Creek

Faculty: Wendy St. John, Nathan Rank, Robin Glas
Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

Aquatic macroinvertebrate communities are sensitive to water quality. These projects characterize and monitor macroinvertebrates at multiple locations on Copeland Creek. 

Student sitting in grassy field writing in notebook

Design and topology of the Osborn Sensor Network

Faculty: Nathan Rank, Melina Kozanitas, Martha Shott, Farid Farahmand, Ali Koojury, Jack Ou
Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

Projects identifying the best locations for a communication towers that are part of the Osborn Preserve environmental sensor network. 

Students and computers in the SSU Makerspace

3-D printing of a watershed

Faculty: Laura Watt
Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

We used a 3-D printer to create an accurate topographical model that improves education about watershed processes at the Osborn Preserve.  

Antibiotic box and caplets

Effects of wastewater treatment on antibiotics

Faculty: Mark Perri

We studied the effects of wastewater treatment on two commonly used antibiotics: Azithromycin and Doxycycline.

NASA Landsat map of the Russian River plum

Remote sensing for water quality

2018 to 2019
Faculty: Mark Perri
Partners: NASA,

We are exploring the use of remote sensing data to analyze the water quality of the North Bay Area with NASA Landsat imagery that allows us to quantify the amount of chlorophyll in any body of water. 

Panorama of Fairfield Osborn Preserve

Virtual reality software for water education

Faculty: Sara Kassis
Partners: Center for Environmental Inquiry

We created virtual reality software that enhances user understanding of how atmospheric variables change during a rain event. 

Students collecting soil samples

Effects of fire on soils

Faculty: Robin Glas, Wendy St. John
Partners: Pepperwood Preserve, Crane Creek Regional Park

Multiple studies on the effects of fire damage on soils after the Tubbs and Nuns fires in 2017 in Sonoma County.