Climate change effects on soil

Climate change effects on soil

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Maniscalco et al 2019: It is unknown how more sun exposure on southern-facing slopes (as compared witih northern-facing slopes) will effect subsurface temperatures, and subsequently plant and animal life in that region. We sampled soil at the Fairfield Obsorn Preserve on both north- and south-facing slopes, measuing Root Depth, Soil Temp, GPS Coordinates, and Depth of hole. We also investigated historic high temperatures going back to the 1970s. We hypothesized that maximum September temperatures have increased since 1980 and are trending upward, and that this increase in air temperatures will, in turn, increase soil temperatures.

A Watershed Year is a freshman year experience that introduces students to local watersheds as they learn about science. The course focuses on teaching students how to conduct their own research. Course development was funded by National Science Foundation.


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"How Will Climate Change Affect Fairfield Osborn Preserve Soil Characteristics?" presentation PDF iconManiscalco et al 2019 Haley Provencher, Jordyn Bauer, Malina Evans, Alyssa Maniscalco