New device for monitoring steelhead larvae

New device for monitoring steelhead larvae

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We were asked by our customers from Trout Unlimited to create a device that can monitor the growth and development of the trout eggs they provide at schools for programs like Steelhead in the Classroom. The device we created monitors the temperature, oxidation reduction potential, and light value of the tank. The TroutLab device also includes a camera to record videos to visually see the development of the trout. The sensors’ data and the video recordings are sent to the Trout Lab website for the user to see. The TroutLab device alerts the user via SMS text message if any of the three sensors surpasses a threshold value. The user has control of the tank’s temperature by powering on or off the chiller or water heater through the TroutLab Smart switch remotely from The TroutLab website. Our TroutLab device allows users to avoid stressing about any potential dangers of their Trout and also use the data as a learning tool for the children.



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