Impacts and control of Himalayan blackberry

Impacts and control of Himalayan blackberry

Project Date
2017 to 2019






Project Topics


Chesbrough et al 2017: We surveyed the abundance of Himalayan blackberry at the Fairfield Osborn Preserve.

Dantoc et al 2017: We assessed the nitrogen content in soils at the Fairfield Osborn Preserve to investigate its effect on Himalayan blackberry growth.

Reckers et al 2019: To understand how California blackberry performs in the absence of the invasive Himalayan blackberry, we conducted surveys at areas of the Preserve where Himalayan blackberry removal had been performed, and where no removal had taken place.


Project Results
Title Format Download Students
"Current and Projected Status of Himalayan Blackberry Invasion at
Fairfield Osborn Preserve"
poster Sarah Chesbrough, Corbin Matley, Andrea Rossi
"What is the Relationship Between Soil Nitrogen and Himalayan Blackberry Growth?" poster Gabriel Dantoc, Bryce Imai, Armen Kazarian, Brady Harris
"Is there improved growth for the native California blackberry when the invasive Himalayan Blackberry is removed?" presentation Luis Martinez, Neon Webb, Ashley Reckers, and Spencer Fluetsch