A powerline arc detector for wildfire prevention

A powerline arc detector for wildfire prevention

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The electrical distribution and transmission networks have been cited as one of the leading causes in starting recent California wildfires. Currently, utility companies predominantly use reactionary measures to monitoring the utility infrastructure, waiting for customer calls or even critical failure to occur. The purpose of this project is to provide early detection of arcing power lines which have led to many of the recent California wildfires. Evidence has shown that arcing power lines emit radiation in the form of radio frequency interference (RFI). PLAD receives the signals emitted from the arcs, analyzes the data, and plots the results onto a map using Google Maps. Additionally, the power and strength of the detected signals are stored allowing intuitive interpretation. Providing a non-intrusive, mobile solution, PLAD works behind the scene while drivers perform their ordinary tasks. PLAD proactively provides confidence in the integrity of your utility infrastructure.


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"PLAD: Power Line Arc Detector" poster E-mail mohamed.salem@sonoma.edu Ian Furniss, Kenneth Kleinsmith