Effects of oak disease on wildfire burn severity

California forests are critical resources managed for carbon sequestration, water provisioning, and recreation. Interacting disturbances (e.g., species introductions, climate change, wildfire dynamics) have recently been recognized as factors that shape both landscape-level resources of forests and costs associated with managing these resources.

Hernandez et al 2019: We evaluated the relationship between sudden oak death (SOD) severity and wildfire intensity in the recent Atlas/Nuns/Tubbs Fire complex. Specifically, we conducted surveys of epidemiological dynamics and ecological impacts of SOD for a long-term plot network across Sonoma County. 


Project Results
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"The Role of Pre and Postfire Fuel Loads as a Component of Wildfire Severity in Sudden Oak Death Infected Oak Woodlands" poster Manuel Hernandez, Susan Carter, Maria Martinez, Mikayla Mesker, Keenan Raleigh, Mikala Tator