Water conservation design for a small business

Water conservation design for a small business

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Areas of Mendocino County have been experiencing acute water stress during the dry seasons. Yorkville is a small town with a population of 317 that acquires water from local intermittent creeks. The water is stored in holding storage tanks; one holds 3,500 gallons and the other holds 10,000 gallons of water; the town does not have a water municipality that distributes water to the population. The Yorkville Market is used for a gathering place for the town, as well as a great stopping point from Mendocino City to Highway 101 in Cloverdale, CA. The market experiences seasonal water stress from late summer until the first significant rain, requiring the importation of water at a significant cost. We met with the Yorkville Market owner to identify and evaluate supply- and demand-side interventions to maintain water supply over the entire year. We assessed current water use, and prepared a list of possible water conservation measures, the potential water savings, and the cost. In order to establish efficient water conservation and usage for the Yorkville Market in Mendocino County, CA, new measures are being undertaken to monitor volumetric water quantities both in usage and waste for this business.


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"Acquiring a Baseline for Yorkville Market" poster Amanda Brewer